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A Memoir by Veselina Valkova


This is a story about the cost of being a hero in a world where villains are kings. Experience my story chapter by chapter.

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About the Project

One Coin — Two Sides
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The NFT Edition of One Coin - Two Sides gets you exclusive access to Original Artworks + The Story of how I earned my reputation + Direct Access to me — literally ask me anything about One Coin - Two Sides.

The Beginning

An Introduction

People feel more comfortable with villains because they make them feel better about themselves. Comfort, though, is not always the best advisor. This book will explain why people sacrifice themselves for others as well as show that a hero’s life is not any less interesting than a villain’s life. 

Initial release 12/7/2021

One Coin - Two Sides Intro.jpeg

Chapter One

“V” as a Victory

My name is VV. I was born and raised in Bulgaria. In my country, the country doesn’t have a mafia; the mafia is the country. 

Initial release 12/22/2021

One Coin - Two Sides Chapter 1.jpeg

Chapter Two

An Ordinary person - An Extraordinary Wave

The legal knowledge you possess can help you avoid prosecutions and penalties, and only your caution can prevent you from crossing over to the dark side. Criminals who know the law remain under the radar unless greed overpowers them and blurs their minds.

Initial release 10/01/2022

One Coin - Two Sides Chapter 2.jpeg

Chapter Three


“Do you know the suspects?” the police officers asked. “Well…who are the suspects?” I replied. “Not sure,” they said, “We were given a few names by our foreign colleagues.” “If you don’t know the names of the suspects, how am I supposed to respond?” I replied."

Initial release 31.01.22

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Chapter Four

All of Us

After I gave tasks to the group, their fear immediately vanished. They were determined to follow, help, and save each other. Seeing an example of someone who had the courage to lead changed their minds and they saw things differently.

Initial release 28.02.22

allOfUs-2 (1).jpg

Chapter Five

And Let the Legend Begin!

However, I asked them, “Do you not see I am actually much taller than the founder? Can plastic surgery help me achieve that?” It was hard to know if I should have laughed or cried.

Initial release 08.03.2022


Chapter Six

The Eye of the Storm

To make matters worse, the water was up to my waist. Boots were not very helpful. Also, it was in the middle of winter, so there was quite a bit of icy water. A unique experience, but perhaps not for everyone.

Initial release 31.03.2022

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Chapter Seven


I needed them to understand that they are in charge of their destiny. No one else could help them if they failed to help themselves and the people around them.

Initial release 08.05.2022

Screen Shot 2022-05-09 at 12.29.25 PM.png

Chapter Eight

Lay down as a partisan in front of the tanks

Bulgaria is not a safe place for those who dare to grow their business or oppose the norm. I know this firsthand.

Initial release 27.05.21

Screen Shot 2022-05-26 at 11.04.28 AM.png

Chapter Nine

The Other Side of the Coin

My duties included looking into cases of theft, abuse, identity theft, and fraud online and in an MLM business plan, so from the beginning, I didn’t meet the people at the top who had already made millions but those who were in need of help.

Initial release 03.06.22

Screen Shot 2022-06-02 at 11.24.17 AM.png

Chapter Ten

O Tempora, O Mores!

What could possibly motivate them to hand me over to the authority? Were they involved in some way? It was obvious to them that I was a single mother with no money to ensure my protection. They also knew that I could not see without eight diopters. They were probably trying to atone for their sins by sacrificing an innocent to die...

Initial release is 12.06.2022

Screen Shot 2022-06-13 at 9.27.04 AM.png

Chapter Eleven

Armageddon has Begun!

They wanted to kill the only person who could help them, and I wasn’t sure how to tell them that. There was a desperate feeling inside me. After we arrived, I waited to see when they would start throwing stones, but I suddenly heard a voice.

Initial release 12.06.2022

Armagedon has Begun (1).PNG

Chapter Twelve

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

It is easy to give up, say that I cannot do anything else, and it is out of my control, but that would not be me. The only way to convince him to complete his job was to locate him, meet him personally, and confront him.

Initial release 12.07.22


Chapter Thirteen


But what can I do now? I don’t have any connections or money. Threatening the authorities is pointless. I will probably win the court case and receive the money, but it will be too late for my daughter’s education.

Initial release 29.07.22


The End


The NFT Project is accompanied by various artifacts documenting the stories in each chapter.

Initial release 16.08.22

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