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A ban on "wild" ideas

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

"One Coin- Two Sides" is a book about the world we live in.

The 'Two Sides' in the title are the different perspectives of each and every event that happens in our lives.

It introduces the reader to themes that have the power to put you In someone else's shoes.

There is a lot of MLM business that is a huge controversy. There is no doubt about that, but what people usually see is the obvious- "SCAM", "VICTIMS"- those are the typical press releases that categorize everyone into a group. 'Those unfortunate enough to have been scammed.'

It is almost ironic how we tend to sometimes forget that "deindividuating" people do enough harm to only cause even more hurt.

Those people have families. They probably work 9 to 5 jobs to sustain a certain lifestyle. MLM projects gave them something else- a hustler's mentality. There is something foul and deeply rotten with this outcome. This world needs those exact priory motivated people with hopes and dreams. Otherwise, we are doomed.

But this practice of banning such 'wild' ideas is also rooted in countries such as Bulgaria. Such a beautiful and bountiful place- too many parasites.

Here if a business goes too far, god-forbid gets too successful, it WILL get crushed. If you aim higher than it is allowed, you will get 'what you deserve'. Another crushed dream = another fucked up mind. Well, this book gives you the reasons to unfuck yourself.

There were so many professionals in this crowd of victims. Educated people whose inspirations were truly something beautiful. Something to be admired.

The things you do not see- this is what this book is about.

Main themes such as domestic abuse give the readers something to hold on to. Hope, that this otherwise silent killing machine that domestic violence is, can make you stronger and will never define you or belittle you.

'One Coin- Two Sides' evokes contrasting feelings that are meant to give a thrilling experience. There is the bittersweet irony, the sadness, the grotesqueness, and the ugliness of greed. It faces you with the shock factor of being human. The raw nature of humankind and its ugly and darn beautiful sides. And I think, It is time to face them all.

The cover of the book is therefore meant to represent just that- the contrast, the shock factor so that the reader can fully immerse themselves in this world.

Minimalism and daunting tranquility are also strongly desired as general feels for this project. There is something terrorizing about that, almost a non-stop slow-burn effect that follows you until the end.

This project will never be a feminist piece but a no-gender, race, age, or ethnicity one. There is something more than the cliched theme of a strong, empowered woman. There is the person warrior.


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