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A collection of favorite quotes from the book "One Coin - Two Sides"

Indeed, it is much easier to understand why villains do something wrong rather than comprehend why heroes do something good without anything in return.

Faith is the foundation upon which the courage grows along with all the mistakes we have made and the hardships we pass through.

Using legal knowledge to help others increases people’s ability to make decisions and teaches them how to manage power. However, using it for the sake of one’s own gain can turn the hero into a villain quite easily.

It’s easier to control people who lack education, perspective, and opportunity.
It is always God’s intent to accomplish something greater than we can comprehend at the time, but we can often figure it out later.

Do not let anything or anyone stop you from doing the right thing. Don’t give up. Believe and keep pushing. If you can’t run, crawl. Don’t stop. Be flexible, fight for all that is right, and set a good example for your children by letting them see your fight.

Throughout my life journey, I have learned that if you do good deeds for others, God will provide the way.

Dreams shouldn’t be halted. Parents are there to facilitate it. Even if the dream seems impossible, allow your child to chase it. At the very least, they will reach higher steps, even if it’s not the dream itself.

I always have an opinion on every professional subject. I am employed to provide my professional thinking, not to follow orders. Following requires no expertise.

In the absence of someone who knows what he is doing—or at least showing courage—fear is transmitted like a contagious disease. This applies to all crisis situations.
How people behave in a crisis determines whether or not they are suited to lead.

The only way people can explain behavior is to frame what they do not understand in recognizable patterns.

All conclusions that are made without accurate information are just assumptions filled with erroneous interpretations. Some people are tempted to talk about people, projects, or activities that they don’t actually know about. Even though it’s wrong, it sells. A story that is packed with victims and fraud is more compelling. It’s not interesting to reveal the truth.

No matter how much you try to plan and prepare for every possible outcome, life will still find a way to surprise you.

A control system left in people’s consciousness usually ceases to exist.

Most people are unable to limit themselves when they feel powerful. Intoxicated by glory, they start thinking that they are invincible. Setting limits is tough when you have all the freedom.

Indeed, until today, people throw stones at me. Some pass next to me, some hit me softly, some hit me harder, but I am still alive. Now it’s time they realize that there is another side of the coin, and people do exist who will lend a hand without a motive even if that hand will be cut off.

When someone is used to money, he can’t satisfy his hunger with small amounts.

And remember, don’t let anything stop you from following your dreams, be a good human being, and believe in miracles because miracles do happen.

Particularly in an uncertain environment, one cannot be 100 percent sure.


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