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A New #NFT drop, "All of Us"

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

A #Book - #NFT?

A unique project featuring 15 #NFTcollectibles that will surely blow your mind is here. A memoir writer and art enthusiasts with a passion for #crypto have gathered together to provide you with the rare opportunity to own limited edition art in all shapes and forms that could turn into your best #digitalinvestment.

The 3D #NFTart shows:

All of Us are caught in a net that prevents us from moving freely, willingly, or unwillingly. Some are there because they believe they saw an opportunity, while others are there to sabotage that net from within. However, no one is able to survive and make a difference.

An Intro chapter, 13 more chapters, and the 14th chapter with artifacts will all be released as #NFTs.

With the release of the book itself, the price of the sold NFTs is eventually gradually increased. This would mean that this project has the potential to bring huge additional value to those who manage to get their hands on it.

The Intro and the first 3 chapters have been released. The next fourth chapter "All of Us" will be released on 28.02.2022.

The quantity is limited to only 100 NFTs per chapter.

Do not miss the chance to become the owner of this New Emerging 3D experience in the NFT World!


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