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"All of us"

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

"Throughout my life, I have observed how people handle difficult situations. In the absence of someone who knows what he is doing—or at least showing courage—fear is transmitted like a contagious disease. This applies to all crisis situations. Every crisis is unique and brings along unique challenges.

While I was working at the sports club, there was a gas leak from a car in semi-covered parking. It was a dangerous situation because every spark caused by an ignition could result in an explosion that could kill all employees and visitors. We didn’t have time to lose—we had to organize quickly—call the fire brigade, explain the situation to them, show the fire hydrants, mark the exits and the entrances to prevent people from coming in. There was no room for ambiguity. As I gathered the employees to give them their tasks, I saw fear in their eyes. Their eyes searched for answers, guidance, and support. After I gave tasks to the group, their fear immediately vanished. They were determined to follow, help, and save each other. Seeing an example of someone who had the courage to lead changed their minds and they saw things differently..."

Chapter 4, "One Coin - Two sides"


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