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An Ordinary Person - An Extraordinary Wave

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

"When it was time to apply for university, my father asked me what I wanted to study, and I replied: “everything, but not math.”

“Then you should study law,” he said. This was his dream career, but he graduated from an economics university instead. In all his business activities, he lacked legal advice, so he was more than happy to guide me toward that career. I feel very fortunate that he did so for me; I quickly realized that it was what I was destined for. Do not misunderstand me. I am not a fan of lawyers. Lawyers benefit from people’s problems; however, knowing the law gives you the power and knowledge to help others. It gives you understanding and responsibility. Using legal knowledge to help others increases people’s ability to make decisions and teaches them how to manage power. However, using it for the sake of one’s own gain can turn the hero into a villain quite easily. The legal knowledge you possess can help you avoid prosecutions and penalties, and only your caution can prevent you from crossing over to the dark side. Criminals who know the law remain under the radar unless greed overpowers them and blurs their minds. They become overconfident due to a combination of greed and impunity—their Achilles’ heel.

One Coin - Two Sides, Chapter 2 An Ordinary Person - An Extraordinary Wave

To Be Continued


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