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An Ordinary Person - An Extraordinary Wave

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

"My grandmother warned me that marriage is like a bag full of snakes.

“Pick up a snake that is not poisonous,” she said, but I picked a venomous one. The good news is I have two beautiful, clever, and wonderful children because of that marriage. The bad news is that, in ten years of marriage, I have been bitten and stung so many times that I developed the ability to produce “anti-venom” in my mind. This is something I have needed in large doses along my life journey, so I am grateful for it.

Domestic violence was introduced to me through my marriage, and it poses a serious threat. I learned this in a painful way. I saw how money and power could change a person. My husband was brainwashed into thinking he was the one dictating and immune to punishment. Over the years, I faced insults, jealousy, physical abuse, and legal prosecution. I was forbidden to visit relatives with kids and hindered from my university studies. However, I must admit that because of my ex-husband, I have been able to practice law my whole life, becoming a better lawyer every day. I knew that receiving my law degree would be the only way to leave the dangerous situation and provide a better life for my kids. I guess he knows that, too, because he tried so hard to hinder my studying. "

"It’s easier to control people who lack education, perspective, and opportunity. "

One Coin - Two Sides, Chapter 2, An Ordinary Person - An Extraordinary Wave


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