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An Ordinary Person - An Extraordinary Wave

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

"My girls grew up with and without their mother, but they always knew what I was fighting for. I worked two jobs for several years to earn a living, and I still don’t understand how they grew into these wonderful children. In addition, I have three other kids. They are my daughters’ friends, and they have single mothers as well, so I raised five kids total.

One of the mothers asked her child a riddle: “One mum with five kids. What is that?”

She meant the palm with the fingers, but the answer was clear and straightforward: “Of course, it’s VV.”

Taking care of five kids is not for everyone. It is fun, though. Although I could never afford to stay in a hotel with all these kids, I have an apartment in my hometown, Varna, on the Black Sea. I took them there on a beach vacation once. When I saw the waves, I told them I didn’t want anyone behind me.

The smaller kid jumped over my back while I said that and innocently said, “But I am not behind your back. I am on your back.” So, she earned her spot there.

Throughout my life journey, I have learned that if you do good deeds for others, God will provide the way. Believing and helping should be your goal. You should do it all the time, not just when you can afford it. I am not talking about giving money to others. I am talking about giving up your time to drive their children to school every day, teach them certain skills, or take them on holidays that they cannot afford just because it is nice to do that and not because you have to do it. It is also important to act without any expectation of return."

One Coin - Two Sides, Chapter 2


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