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And Let the Legend Begin!

"During a stage performance, someone said that I was not a human since I did not sleep or eat. You may find it funny, but it is actually a bit sad. I couldn’t afford to eat out because I was saving money for my kids, and even though I love to sleep, I simply didn’t have the time. I was required to check hundreds of tests or review all the necessary deals for the exposés, which took me almost all night. My colleagues advised me not to check the tests and allow everyone to pass the tests, letting them all be happy, but that was not right. I always strive to make the right decisions, which are rarely the easiest or the most convenient ones. "

"Network members tried to come up with a practical explanation for my tireless efforts. Some of their theories—which they shared with me—were quite ridiculous and absurd..."

To be continued

One Coin - Two Sides, Chapter 5, "And Let the Legend Begin!"


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