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And Let the Legend Begin!

"Network members tried to come up with a practical explanation for my tireless efforts. Some of their theories—which they shared with me—were quite ridiculous and absurd. One individual I had a meeting with once said I was secretly the owner of “The One.” Another time someone told me that people thought I owned shares in “The One.” Additionally, they claimed I was a member of the secret services, but they didn’t specify which one.

One time, I was told I was the Founder of “The One” and had undergone a series of plastic surgeries. At first, I was shocked at people’s ability to invent stories when I heard that.

However, I asked them,
“Do you not see I am actually much taller than the founder? Can plastic surgery help me achieve that?”

It was hard to know if I should have laughed or cried.

Nevertheless, the tendency for people to invent stories when they are unable to explain something is understandable. The only way they can explain behavior is to frame what they do not understand in recognizable patterns. They create stories where the stories don’t exist."

One Coin - Two Sides, Chapter 5, And Let the Legend Begin!


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