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Get to know me.

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

A quick Q&A session.

  • Which country am I from?

I was born and raised in Bulgaria. In my country, the country doesn’t have a mafia; the mafia is the country. In fact, two Bulgarian proverbs sum up our national psychology: “bend your knee and save your head” and “if you stood still, you would not have seen a wonder.”

  • Let me tell you more about my background!

May father guide me toward a career in law. He did this for me, and I quickly realized that it was what I was meant to do. Don't take this the wrong way. I am not a fan of lawyers. Lawyers benefit from people’s problems; however, knowing the law gives you the power and knowledge to help others. It gives you understanding and responsibility. Using legal knowledge to help others increases people’s ability to make decisions and teaches them how to manage power. However, using it for the sake of one’s own gain can turn the hero into a villain quite easily.

  • What was my motivation for working in casino and crypto businesses?

It is not something I have chosen. It was chosen for me. I just need to earn money for myself and my daughters.

  • Do I have a passion for crypto now?

I do. That's the short answer. Not to hold and trade crypto, but instead to collect information about the regulations that exist and are coming in that sphere. Moreover, I do not own any crypto, with the exception of some ETH that is necessary for minting and listing my NFTs.

  • Why did I become involved in this book-NFt project?

People's incapability to search for and find the truth motivated me to write the book "One Coin - Two Sides". People care more about who is to blame than about the truth. This project will never be a feminist piece but a no-gender, race, age, or ethnicity one. There is something more than the cliched theme of a strong, empowered woman. There is a person warrior who has tried to save millions of people.

  • Why NFT?

I find NFT-s logical tools for expression for authors like me - keen on crypto technology. It is nice to be able to release work directly to customers without intermediaries. And last, but not least my project has exclusive 3D arts because of the NFTs.

  • What is the concept behind the development of these NFTs?

Since my life has been linked with different crypto projects, I would like to reach out to all crypto enthusiasts and offer them the opportunity to buy and resell and eventually earn from my book’s chapters prior to the book's publication.

  • How many of the One Coin - Two Sides NFT’s are set to release?

An Intro chapter, 13 more chapters, and the 14th chapter with artifacts will all be released as NFTs. Plus exclusive art that will not be in the book. The quantity is limited to 100 NFT-s per chapter.

  • How can someone use their tokens when they buy?

As with any other piece of art, the buyer can add it to his collection or resell it.

  • Where can the buyer find my NFTs?


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