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Lay down as a partisan in front of the tank

Updated: May 24, 2022

It was December 2018. Some of the vegetables from the vegetable garden left because of unknown circumstances. They did not provide any information about their work, not to me at least. It is rumored that when the lady in HR who hired me was leaving, she told Artichoke that I was their best option for achieving something for “The One.” It might have been a coincidence, but soon after, Artichoke gave me a special task—create an exchange platform for people in “The One’s” network to use. Completing someone else’s tasks was not unusual for me, but I didn’t enjoy this one. Artichoke told me I am the only one who can do this task and that the business would suffer if I refused. This meant that ...

“The One’s” network would lose the trust of their relatives and friends (since they usually work with close relatives). Additionally, it would mean substantial financial losses since people are putting their money into the network in hope of a return. Furthermore, the network’s efforts to attract new prospects, the MLM business model, and the unkept promises could result in persecution. Do I have the option of accepting or rejecting a task when I know what the only option is? So, I agreed. Some philosophies claim that everything we do—including every decision we have ever made—follows logically from our starting condition. The question, in that case, was not how right it was but what was more accurate to do. You can’t close your eyes and choose something else when you know what the right thing to do is, even if the other thing is better for you. I believe that although we all have the freedom to ignore the reality around us, we are responsible for the outcomes of our actions. The plan was clear; my employer’s promises had to be kept. The red pill[**] was taken; however, I never imagined what was coming next.

[**] The terms “red pill” and “blue pill” are directly derived from a scene in “The Matrix” (1999). Both pills represent a choice the protagonist Neo has to make. Taking the “red pill” means revealing the unpleasant truth about reality; taking the “blue pill” means remaining in blissful ignorance, not knowing the truth.


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