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O Tempora, O Mores!

According to the lawyer, Mr. Onion’s behavior was strange...There was also a police informer with the first letter of Mr. Onion’s name. (“An onion will not produce a rose.” —Latin proverb.) Still, I hope for the sake of my colleague’s conscience, this was the lawyer’s assumption or a coincidence. Slowly, I started realizing the pressure I was under to go to America. In addition to Mr. Onion, a few network members of “The One” were also inviting me passionately. As a result, I began to think the American government offered them a deal to betray Mr. Artichoke and/or some of the other vegetables. I asked myself, Why me I could tell Mr. Onion and the American did not like me. In general, people dislike those like me who always want to work and press others to work as well. Regarding the American, I had no idea why he did not like me. Maybe he did not like the fact that I wasn’t allowing any American activity unless it was legal... The others who insisted that I go to America were people I helped. The first person was someone I assisted with a court case; the second was someone I helped receive his contracted bonuses that the “The One” was withholding. What could possibly motivate them to hand me over to the authority? Were they involved in some way? It was obvious to them that I was a single mother with no money to ensure my protection. They also knew that I could not see without eight diopters. Moreover, they were aware that I was the only person from within trying to help millions of people. They were probably trying to atone for their sins by sacrificing an innocent to die—such inhumanity and cruelty. Why? Was there anything I could give the authorities? Perhaps they just wanted to arrest a woman and say she was the Founder..
Did other people get involved? Were my suspicions correct?

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