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One Coin - Two Sides- " The book"

The book will be officially released on November 28, 2022.

"The book One Coin - Two Sides" is my memoir. Throughout this journey, you will learn about a period of my life when I worked for an organization that journalists allege has scammed the world for more than three billion euros.

This book will show you the fights I have had and the ones I am still having.

People have always had a hard time understanding why someone would sacrifice themself for others. It is far easier to gather why someone would scam people for billions.”

"You will break the cycle of domestic violence with me, you will get stronger, you will see the corruption as it is and you will understand how money and power change people. You will start a rebellion, set up ambushes, find a way when there isn't one, and fight till the very last moment to help people you have never even met, so your kids know and believe that there is good out there."


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