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Updated: May 7, 2022

"Several years ago, I had a tough year as a mother. One of my daughters was ten at the time, and she was experiencing learning difficulties at school. I guess she was going through a phase. I was so worried for her; I used to keep a close eye on her every single day, helping her with whatever I could. We wrote homework together, studied together, etc. I was so desperate to help her that I even began memorizing her lessons so I could recite the material out loud to her day after day, hoping she would remember the essential parts.
And then, one night, I had a strange dream. There was a massive flood, panic all around, houses destroyed, people dying around us. I and my child were running for our lives, and suddenly, I found a wooden plank in the water. I threw my kid onto the plank to save her, but there were other people in the water, struggling to survive, and they wanted to climb on the plank as well. At that point, I realized that it would be dangerous to stay on the plank, so I pushed my kid toward the shore, shouting “swim!” Then, I followed as fast as I could.
I woke up, realizing something very important: although I put her on the plank and saved her life, she did the rest on her own. I gave her guidance, but she did all the work. I am telling you this because I was also feeling that way with the network at “The One.” I gave direction, guided them on the right path, swam next to them, even pushed them if needed. I pulled them out of the water, found a plank to support them, push away dangers just to try to save them, but in the end, they needed to swim on their own. If people wanted to know the truth, they needed to make the effort to find the answers because their lives, and the lives of their families, depended on it. "

One Coin - Two Sides, Rebellion, Chapter 7


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