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Updated: May 7, 2022

When we were on our way back to Bulgaria, a policeman came before our flight and asked a member of our marketing team to go with him. She was terrified and confused, and I did not have time to wonder. Even though I had no idea what was happening, I went with the girl and the cop because, as a lawyer, I had the potential to help her. We were escorted to a car where a policewoman waited for us. The drive was only fifteen minutes, but when you are in a situation like this, it seems much longer. The policewoman asked what my colleague had in her checked luggage. The marketing girl spoke English very well, which was a tad problematic since she told her that it was shooting equipment.

In an instant, the cop jumped from her seat, and I recognized that she was considering guns, and that’s why I shouted:

“Camera, videos!” I shouted.

Relief spread across her face as she watched me and slowly calmed down. We were taken to a room where the checked baggage was scanned. All of our belongings—including our phones and laptops—were taken away. After a while, other police officers with different colored uniforms arrived. After that, two others arrived. We could not understand what they were saying because they spoke in Arabic. As time passed, I realized we would most likely miss the plane, and spending the night in a police station did not sound like the best idea. However, I overheard the word “batteries” and insisted they tell me what they were talking about. According to them, you can bring a certain number of batteries per person on a flight, and there were too many in the shooting equipment. So, I told them that there were approximately ten of us on the plane, and if we divided the batteries evenly among us, everything would work out. The officers agreed with me after a short discussion and escorted us back to the airport.

Meanwhile, our departure time had passed, and we weren’t sure if the plane was still there. Imagine the joy we felt when we saw the other girls from the marketing team standing in front of the bus that was supposed to take us to the airplane. We made it home with their help. Just two girls were waiting for us; the VIPs from the vegetable garden—the ones with huge salaries who stand onstage and soak in the fame and applause—already boarded the plane in comfort.

One Coin - Two Sides, Rebellion, Chapter 7


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