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Updated: May 7, 2022

There was once an event of “The One” where some independent marketing associates were expected to speak. I warned them if I heard them say anything about easy money or millions in returns in order to attract people, I would freeze their accounts immediately. What was the outcome? They didn’t talk about millions; instead, they threw money from the stage. People are tempted when someone with money persuades them because they strive to have his status. There is no consideration or concern for the fact that wealth impacts a person’s sense of morality and interferes with empathy and compassion. Moreover, money can become addictive. I often asked people in the network who violated compliance rules why they did it.

Do you want to know their response?

“I am a high-class individual who maintains high standards of living.”

It tells us all a lot. Indeed, the compliance department was probably implemented too late, two years after the company was started. There was already a culture of wrongdoing, so it was extremely difficult to correct it. I compare it to having a child. While they are young, you must correct their behavior and teach them to behave morally. If you wait until the child is grown up, it will be too late.

One Coin - Two Sides, Chapter 7, Rebellion


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