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Updated: May 24, 2022

A good rebellion requires thorough planning. I was waiting for the right moment—when all the inner circle members of “The One” were gathered. The people selected to be part of the inner circle were expected to be the most energetic and active among the group; therefore, if an action were taken, it would come from that particular group of people, but like every revolutionary, I failed to think of myself. How can one life matter when there are a million at stake? The fact is, I knew I would lose my job and my family would suffer if I followed through with this, but the agony had to end.

Legend says that when the Bulgarian Khan Kubrat was dying, he ordered his sons to fetch a bundle of sticks and instructed them to break them in half. None of the sons could break the bundle, so the Khan took the sticks and broke them one by one with his feeble hands. Their father’s message to the sons was clear: their strength depended on their unity.

What was the rebellion idea?

Chapter 7, Rebellion, "One Coin - Two Sides" outlines what the exact rebellion plan was and whether people gasped and acted upon it.


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