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the balance sheet

Almost a year has passed since I wrote my book One Coin - Two Sides.

Over the course of the past year, I have received numerous emails and/or messages threatening me, harassing me, and revealing the truth behind some of the doubts written in my book. During that one year, many articles appear, and more stories with the same plot are told. Few documentaries are in the process, and all of them cover the same themes, revealing stories of scams, luxury, money laundering, and escape. The fact that I have been invited to participate in many of them makes me think: Where is the mistake? Does society want scam stories, or are journalists attracted to fraud plots like this? Who neglects the story for the good person? Are villains more important than heroes? The more I think, the more I am convinced that “Society” would be a very sad answer.

If you ask me- those who fight for others are the ones I want to read about. Those who set an example of heroism by sacrificing themselves to help millions I want to know about. They are the ones I want my children to admire. The ones who never escape.

The purpose of books should be to reveal the good in the world. The story of people trying to change the controversial system from within deserves to be told through movies. People need to see that such stories exist because they

will give them the courage to act compassionately and in a noble manner.

The stories for the good in the world are those that can create an echo in people's hearts.

Today for the sake of diversity, I am offering you to read one of these stories.


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