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The chicken heart

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

The company also employed some foreign national CEOs. The first one had an MLM background; the other one had a financial background. Neither stayed very long for reasons unknown. However, I remember when the second CEO was in Sofia for a meeting with the network, and he sat down at my desk, asking if I would be able to go to the meeting with him. He seemed frightened. What was he afraid of? Since he insisted, I told him I would go with him. We went to the meeting place. Upon greeting the group, he instructed me to stay there for an hour and bring only a few individuals to the meeting with him after that. A moment later, he disappeared—an inappropriate act for a gentleman.

Nevertheless, I did as I was told. Having stayed with people, I understand why he was so afraid. There were plenty of angry networkers around. During the meeting, I stood up and allowed them to ask questions for an hour before taking several to him. In order to decrease the people’s anger toward him, he let me take the fall. I have to admit, though, that no matter if he’s got a chicken heart, the guy knew very well which way to turn, which is probably why he was paid more than twenty-five times my salary—something I became aware of after reading some leaked documents.

One Coin - Two sIdes, Uncoincidental, To be continued...


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