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The other side of the coin

My strength is protecting the weak. In a family with three children, I am the eldest daughter. I also became a single mother of two daughters very early in my life. I fought tooth and nail to raise them into the wonderful people they are today. In my opinion, your children are your best investment. When I must protect myself, however, the situation is different. People often say that those who seem strong are also the most sensitive, and those who are good are also the most wounded. People who do good for everyone often need more help than others. The people who smile the most, cry when nobody sees them. All of this is relevant. I am the kind of person who will let someone slap me on one cheek and turn to them the other. One of my friends has an interesting theory about that. By continuously turning the other cheek, I am making my enemy tired.
...I had already realized that the only way all these millions of people could receive help was from within.

Have I ever doubted the legitimacy of the cryptocurrency for which I was supposed to create an exchange? Was liquidity available for that exchange so that people could either receive fiat or another crypto for their "One"?

Read my memoir One Coin - Two Sides, Chapter 9 to find out.


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