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Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Under the projector lights, I was not feeling well, so I kept looking for a way out. I did not take part in any photos or videos. Having different views from these people made me uncomfortable. After these two London visits, all the Bulgarian office employees—including me—flocked to London for a large company event. I had no clue what that event was about. The founder was scheduled to speak there, as well as some VIP networkers. During the event, all employees were assigned to stand by the stadium’s doors to ensure that only ticket holders were accessing the venue.
A large crowd gathered at each entrance of the stadium. There were thousands of people from all over the world. All of them had to show their tickets before they were allowed into the stadium. Many groups were trying to enter, so my colleagues couldn’t figure out if they had tickets or not. I also saw that my colleagues couldn’t make people stay in line. Once I saw that I quickly closed the entrance door and stepped outside in front of everybody. After that, I allowed people to enter one by one so that my colleagues could thoroughly check their tickets. At first, people tried to push me, but after a while, they realized that there was no other option, so they calmed down. They began to speak to me, asking where I come from if I was the founder’s cousin because I resembled her if I was an employee, and so on.
Though I had no idea what was happening at the other entrances, mine was stable.

"One Coin - Two Sides", Chapter 3, To be continued...


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