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Armageddon has Begun!

I hear God in very rare dreams...In my dream, I was Stephen, and people were taking me out of the city to stone me. They wanted to kill the only person who could help them, and I wasn’t sure how to tell them that. There was a desperate feeling inside me. After we arrived, I waited to see when they would start throwing stones, but I suddenly heard a voice. There was no doubt in my mind that it was God.
I woke up with relief after I heard, “You will not be killed. People who are bad will have marks on their faces so others can identify them.”
It was three in the morning. I later discovered that three o’clock is the hour of mercy. Indeed, until today, people throw stones at me. Some pass next to me, some hit me softly, some hit me harder, but I am still alive. Now it’s time they realize that there is another side of the coin, and people do exist who will lend a hand without a motive even if that hand will be cut off.


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