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Take the red pill. Be prepared for:” ONE COIN - TWO SIDES”

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

My name is Veselina Valkova, the author of the upcoming book: "One Coin- Two Sides"

I was born and raised in Bulgaria. In my country, the country doesn’t have a mafia; the mafia is the country.

I graduated Law and I know that the law knowledge you possess can help you to avoid prosecutions and penalties, and only your caution can prevent you from crossing over to the bad side. Criminals who know the law can remain under the radar at all times. Unless greed overpowers them and blurs their minds. They become overconfident due to the combination of greed and impunity, which is their Achilles’ heel.

Being a hero or a leader has never been a dream of mine. I simply wanted to be a good human being. However, pursuing the good in the world does not necessarily allow you to make sound judgments for yourself.

The experiences of my life have taken my breath away numerous times. Occasionally positively, sometimes negatively. A bit like a roundabout. It goes up and down in cycles. Cruelty, violence, greed was always around me. I have been bitten and stung in life so many times that I developed the ability to produce “Antivenom” in my mind.

In front of my eyes, I saw how money and power can change people. They can be brainwashed into thinking they are the ones dictating and are immune to punishment.

Time is ticking away. Take the red pill. Be prepared for: "One Coin - Two Sides"


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