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The Eye of the Storm

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

One day, I was driving home, and I was stopped at a red light. There were a lot of pedestrians crossing the road, and in a flash, a car crashed into my right-side door. My heart was racing as I tried to comprehend what had just happened to me. I was shocked to find that the car that hit me had no driver. Two cars—one stopped, one without a driver—just collided. The driver was running toward me. I replayed the situation again to understand it better. There was a hilly area nearby where a car rental business was located. The driver had stopped there, put on the handbrake, and got out of the car. Something happened with the handbrake, and that car had rolled down and would’ve killed the people crossing the street if God had not put me there. I was not harmed, my insurance covered me, and the rental company offered me a car for free while mine was being repaired. I am certain, though, that many innocent people would have been killed if I had not been there.

One Coin - Two Sides," The Eye of the Storm", Chapter 6


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