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Updated: Jan 24, 2022

all about our project: "One Coin- Two Sides"


As defined NFT is a record of digital content that can be bought and sold later at a higher price. Due to the blockchain, it is more secure than a typical digital transaction.

Why NFT?

I find Nft-s logical tools for expression for authors like me -keen on crypto technology. It is nice to be able to release work directly to customers without intermediaries. If I can give something to the world, it will be a sense of economic independence. I think that only in the crypto world artists can thrive and buyers can benefit from the soaring value of NFTs. As a collectible, NFTs are speculative investments. The value of the work fluctuates depending on the demand. Several digital works of art that were originally sold for petty amounts have gone on to sell for thousands of dollars. Consider the risks and diversify your investments.


An Intro chapter, 13 more chapters, and the 14th chapter with artifacts will all be released as NFTs. The price is expected to gradually increase with the release of each separate one and the book itself. This makes the project a good investment.

The quantity is limited to only 100 NFTs per chapter. Each NFT consist of:

- Exclusive art for each chapter.

- A chapter (the first one is the Intro, 13 chapters, and one bonus chapter with artifacts)

- Digital copy of the book after its official publishing.

- Link to a Discord Server where you will be able to talk directly with me. For the first time, I will openly answer questions in connection with the main themes of the book( in regards to the chapters you have acquired). (This server is only accessible for those who manage to get their hands on the NFTs.)

- Access to a Facebook group where we can get to know each other.


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